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No Epic Title

Do you follow or know of any good nature/landscape blogs?

Asked by Anonymous

The closes thing to a “nature/landscape” blog that I follow is matthieufrncr

It’s alright, I suppose. I don’t really follow or keep up with those types of blogs, sorry. In fact that’s the only blog that I follow and know of that’s the closest thing to that.

This show is seriously one of my favourite shows!

Hi the fact the your title is meant to not be epic, but is anyways is perfection. and you almost love pizza almost as much as i do omg you're extraordinarily amazing ok

Asked by Anonymous

Haha, thanks! I wish you would come off anon though.

Oooh! XD

(Source: MattSSF)

(Source: MattSSF)

(Source: MattSSF)

its from "gronw ups"

Asked by pr0fundum

There we go! That was what I was thinking but wasn’t too sure. Thx(:

What movie was this from?

Awh, my heart just melted.